Jockey Patrick Scorse — ‘A Chip Off The Old Block’

Talking racing and race riding with Patrick (Paddy) Scorse is a pleasure.

Jockey Patrick Scorse — ‘A Chip Off The Old Block’

Talking racing and race riding with Patrick (Paddy) Scorse is a pleasure.

The 19yo Canberra-based apprentice heads the ACT Jockey Premiership, and presents as a well-grounded individual; articulate, thoughtful and professionally-focused.

His ambition is to be a leader in his craft.

The son of respected former leading rider and Sky Racing host John Scorse is rapidly shaping as ‘a chip off the old block’.

‘Dad’ couldn’t have been more proud when ‘Paddy’ rated Always Court beautifully in front to win the recent Narooma Cup.

And a few days later Paddy followed instructs to the letter to bring Croix De Vie with a whirlwind run to win the inaugural ‘Federal’ at Canberra — his biggest successes.

“Dad has provided all the foundations for my career,” Paddy said. “He’s my mentor, coach, manager, dietician — and my dad.

“I doubt there’s been a single race that I have ridden in that Dad hasn’t reviewed on video to assist my learning.

“On weekday evenings we sit together and examine the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’; why this happened; how could I have handled this situation better.

Dad is always constructive. He knows young jockeys will inevitably make mistakes, but that you learn from them.

“Dad often shows me examples were other jockeys have found themselves in similar circumstances and how they avoided a blunder. On Saturdays we watch all the big city races together. You learn from observing the best.”

Paddy is tall and may have stopped growing. He rides at 53.5kg and said he is riding healthily at that weight.

“For most jockeys it is a 24 hour job maintaining your weight.

“On a normal day I will have berries and yogurt for breakfast and salad and fish for dinner. There’s certainly no room for the party pies and other temptations provided in the jockey room.

“And I am very conscious of the importance of staying hydrated after races, especially when you’re riding light.”

Paddy lived mostly in Young until he was 16 where he was involved in Eventing. He began riding track work on his return to Canberra.

Paddy has also benefited greatly from the support and tutelage of Barbara Joseph and Paul Jones, the highly-experienced training team to whom he is indentured.

“Barbara and Paul have kept giving me opportunities, despite — as a 4kg claimer, especially — mucking up on a few that should have won. The harder I work and put in; I get twice as much back with better rides.”

Joseph-Jones train both Croix De Vie and Almost Court and Paddy said the latter is the best horse he’s ridden.

“When you first start out you are mostly riding inexperienced or lower-grade horses — and some are as green as you.

“But horses of the calibre of Almost Court know what it’s all about. They relax for you and can wind up the gears when it’s time to go. You can build into a race with more confidence.”

“Almost Court is a real professional and his best days are ahead of him", he said.

As a progressive young jockey, Paddy Scorse exhibits the very attribute he ascribes to his favourite horse. And most certainly, his best days are also ahead of him.

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