Track RnS' Most Popular Horse Searches

Racing and Sports has the largest and most comprehensive thoroughbred database globally.

Track RnS' Most Popular Horse Searches

Racing and Sports has the largest and most comprehensive thoroughbred database globally.

It can be accessed via the search function on the top right corner of the racingandsports.com.au website.

The search options include Horse Records; Jockey Records; Trainer Records; Course Records and Stallion Records.

Horse Records is where you can access the detailed race record of individual horses and includes a host of features including video replays.

This search feature is heavily used by punters and we have just completed enhancements to enable users to see — in real time — what horses are being currently viewed by others (Recent Views).

In addition the most popular searches are listed (Most Popular), as well as the horses you personally have previously viewed (Previously Viewed).

To access this feature enter the name of a horse in the search feature on the homepage. For this exercise we will enter Sepoy Horseform.

You are taken to the Sepoy Horseform homepage within Racing Analytics and on the far right hand side off that page you will see the View Tab icon.

When you click on that icon all is revealed.

This update is written on the Wednesday preceding Golden Slipper Day. Not surprisingly, the most popular horses in the last 7 days feature in that race — and in rank order are — Extreme Choice Horseform; Kiss And Make Up Horseform; Defcon Horseform; Capitalist Horseform; Flying Artie Horseform; Yankee Rose Horseform; Astern Horseform; Purple Smile Horseform; Real Love Horseform and Scarlet Rain Horseform.

The recent views are instantaneous, but a screen grab at 10.20am showed the following horses were being viewed at that time — Snappy Diamond; Arimossa; Caraline; Barebam; Shanambah; Keepcalmandcarryon; Talk; Boo Shan; Maruka Phantom and Ruarose

And at 10.30am they were — Frozen Rope Horseform, Senewalk Horseform, Dunnaby Horseform, Trade Ban Horseform, Danzadoozie Horseform, Material Girl Horseform, Specktrack, Keys To The Ute, Polished Rock Horseform and Kermadec Horseform.

There are more than 40,000 horse searches on an average day.

As an added feature, if you click on any horse listed at that time on the View Tab you will be taken to its homepage in Racing Analytics.

For example, we find that Maruka Phantom Horseform (who was searched at 10.20am) is a Japanese steeplechaser trained by Mikio Matsunaga who last raced on 21 April 2013 and beaten 47.5L.

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